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Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Colorado

For the adventurist visiting a new town or perhaps those looking for a quick lunch time forearm boulder burn, rock climbing gyms have become the new workout centers for outdoor-minded voyager living in urban areas.  Climbing is a great total-body workout that challenges you not only mentally, but physically as well.  Because of the increased popularity of the sport, new rock climbing gyms are popping up across the US, each trying within various locations throughout Colorado.  If you’re itching to get on the rock face during the winter season, check out some of the following top plastic paradise’s in the state. 

Breckenridge Recreation Center

The Breckenridge Recreation Center has converted a racquetball court into 1,400 square feet of climbing. This wall has a wider range of realistic features and designs with areas for bouldering, 3 top ropes, and 10 lead climbing lines. Finding the best pricing for your pocket with package gear rental deals for all your beginner needs to start for just $10.00! 

Earth Treks

Earth Treks has been around since 1990, but the facility in Golden is relatively a new build. The 28,000 square feet of climbing and 48 feet high sections will be every climbers heaven. This gym also offers fitness and strength training areas, a yoga room, and a full stocked gear room to get your grip on.  


CityROCK in Colorado Springs has some Immense 43′ walls to scale with 15,000 square feet of roped-climbing. This isn’t what makes this gym an epic find, however.  They offer two floors of freestanding with top-outs and various climbing features. Not to mention they have a cave below… yes, a cave. This location offers a complex cavern system that allows you to test your soft-caving skill. Incorporated electronic sensors behind the wall light up when you’ve bumped into a stalactite or brushed against a cave painting. To top off this awesome one-of-a-kind gym, you can also repel into the cave with a 40-foot ascent.

EVO Rock + Fitness

EVO Rock + Fitness is a modern marvel for all those climbers with kiddo’s, and it’s the newest climbing gym on Colorado’s front range.  EVO offers shorter walls for beginners, along with advanced training systems for the elite athlete – adjustable systems wall, campus boards and a Moon Board.  They throw out an amazing personable vibe for all ages with kid’s programs, childcare, adult training, yoga and fitness classes. 

These are only a few of the best climbing gyms to explore in Colorado. If you’re looking to kick it up a notch come spring and get your muscles ready for the outdoor climbing season, check out AVA’s outpost in Idaho Springs!  A mountaineering experience known as The Via Ferrata is a three-hour guided tour that traverses along cliff faces overlooking the historic Clear Creek Valley. Part mountaineering, part assisted rock climbing, this unique expedition incorporates ziplines, rappelling, and suspended bridges for an experience that gives all skill levels a chance to grip some great height. We’re currently running some amazing deals for the 2018 season. Call our trip specialists at 877-RAFTING, or book online and get the best price for next years adventures with AVA!


*Featured image courtesy of the Denver Post.


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