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Step by Step of Our Colorado Via Ferrata

Colorado Via Ferrata Step By Step

Located in the town of Idaho Springs at an elevation of 7,526 feet and just over half an hour west of Denver is AVA’s newest adventure, the Via Ferrata.  Via Ferrata is Italian for the “Iron Way”, and were originally built in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy to help the troops get around during World War I.

On AVA’s Via Ferrata, you’ll arrive at our outpost and be greeted by our experienced guides awaiting your adventure.  Liability waivers are signed first, then you will head to get geared up.  We supply you with a harness that goes around each leg and tightly around your waist, and two carabiners connected to a bungee-style lanyard.  With the two carabiners, you are able to be hooked onto something at all times on the course.  Helmets and gloves are also supplied and required for safety.

You’ll jump onto AVA’s truck to take a short ride through Idaho Springs up to the top of the cliffside.  You’ll get the rundown of all the Via Ferrata basics after you get to the start of the course, and you’ll even do a little practice run along the way before you start the real thing.

Our course begins with you traversing along the cliffside with some natural steps built into the rock face as well as metal rebars.

You’ll reach a suspended bridge to cross before you loop back above the bridge to try our 50-foot free fall.

After crossing another suspended bridge once everyone gets to the bottom of the free fall, you’ll climb around the cliffside and make your way up the rock face again via iron rungs.

A suspended bridge, approximately 150 feet long, awaits you at the top.

Traverse a bit more to the top of a 70-foot rock face which you will rappel down.

You’ll cross a suspended log bridge, then take the last three lines of our Cliffside Zipline course back down to the outpost!

This mountaineering expedition is definitely one for the books.  You get a taste of assisted rock climbing, traversing, and you get to finish your tour with a few ziplines as well.

The Via Ferrata is a unique adventure within itself.  If you’re looking for something more challenging than the classic zipline course, try the Iron Way this year!  We’re currently running a deal on 2018 Via Ferrata tours with AVA.  Book today to get the best price!