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Suspended Bridge Idaho Springs Colorado Zipline

Working with a large group and trying to get everyone on the same page, it is not an easy task! Why don’t get them to participate in some fun and adrenaline pumping activities together like ziplining? Ziplining is a great activity to get the whole group together and really create a bonding opportunity for the whole office, which is exactly why we think ziplining is the best team building activity out there!

DSC_3361The first thought for most people when ziplining is the height and it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. As a team member, your task is to convince one another to conquer the acrophobia! You will need to comfort and distract them from the fear of heights and get them focused on how wonderful they will feel once they step foot on the zipline course. With spectacular 360 degree sights, they will not be disappointed.

The freefall element of our Cliffside Zipline course can be daunting. A little encouragement goes a long way! Of course, support from your peers is also great if you decide to skip the freefall. After all, a good team member makes it known that is always okay to turn around and never embarrasses them. The hanging log bridges in the Cliffside and Mountaintop courses can be a little shaky.  Lend a helping hand to your friend or colleague and help them get across with your.

At the end of a trip, most teams walk out with big smile and unity. Occasionally_DSC0102, things doesn’t work out the way your team wants it to be but at least you get to find out what is your team made of and what kind of improvement is needed to create a better a stronger team. We all learn from our mistakes and weakness and develop from it. Isn’t that what team building is all about?

Whether you are a large corporate group or softball team, you will be encouraging each other throughout the whole course. Give our Group Sales Coordinator Chrys a call to set up a team building trip for you 877-RAFTING!


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