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Cliffside Zipline Colorado

When visiting Colorado over summer you will more then likely have a chance to experience sunny skies, gorgeous scenery, curious wildlife and lots of outdoor activities. Some of the most popular summertime activities in Colorado include mountain biking, ziplining, whitewater rafting, ATV riding and hiking. You can enjoy a combination of all these activities in Idaho Springs, Colorado just about 45mins. outside of downtown Denver when headed west on I-70. Come join Colorado Zipline & AVA Rafting this summer to find out all about our 50 foot free fall and zipline course just five minutes outside of downtown Idaho Springs.

IMG_0218-1200Idaho Springs boasts one of the best zipline experiences in all of Colorado with a very extensive course covering seven lines, a dual race line, two hanging log bridges and the notorious free fall. You will start your trip perched up 3,000 ft above the last zipline, descending down two lines before reaching the first of our rope course feature. The first non-zipline feature being our optional high-adrenaline 50ft free fall where your stomach drops right as the heart starts pounding. The free fall allows one to feel the sensation of dropping 30ft and then is slowly lowered the last 20ft. If you do not feel like taking a 30ft drop, you can always opt for a belay down or standard zip.

After taking a moment to gather one’s self after the free fall, you will jumpIMG_0125-1200 straight onto our surf zip feature where you will ride a suspended skateboard all the way across one of our ziplines. Next, you will travel across the plank style Jungle Bridge with line number three immediately following. Now, after reaching our halfway point you will have the suspended stump style Bridge of Doom followed by three more ziplines one of which being a race line where you will have the opportunity to race one of your buddies across the skies to the next platform. For the last line of the trip you will be rocketing over Chicago Creek next to the back patio of the outpost where you can meet the rest of your group and check out all the awesome photos taken during the trip.

If Denver is not your desired location for this years vacay you may want to take a look at our Granite location for more family ziplining fun and other outdoor activities. For this years high adrenaline activity come check out either of our amazing zip line locations and soak in the different scenic beauties each location has to offer.


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