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How to Dress for October Ziplining

October in the Rocky Mountains is a time when the leaves are turning beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds, the snow is falling, and the temperature starts to drop. Though Idaho Springs sits at an elevation of 7,526 ft. it doesn’t get as cold as it does further west where towns sit at 10,000 ft. During the fall, the temperature can be anywhere between 40 and 60 degrees, yet it always has the chance to make you say ‘brrrr’. Because the temperature can possibly drop below 50 degrees with the chance of snow during your zipline tour, here are a few pieces of advice for what to wear.IMG_1055

Once you arrive at our outpost you will be fitted with all the necessary equipment needed to go ziplining. This includes a harness with the appropriate carabineers and ropes, gloves, and a helmet. Unless you need extra layering on your hands, the gloves we provide should create enough warmth on the really cold days. If you do decide to bring extra gloves, make sure to bring a thin pair that can fit comfortably underneath the gloves we provide. There will be no substituting gloves because ours are made out of a material that will help you use to slow yourself down on the zipline. Also, if you desire to wear a hat or beanie to cover your ears, make sure it will be able to fit underneath your helmet. Other than that, wear as many layers as you need to stay warm. Jeans and jackets are always a good choice.

Something else to keep in mind is to wear any bright colored clothing you own. The bright colors will help you to really pop out of the tree colored background in your post trip photos. Make sure to stay warm and don’t forget your sunglasses if it’s a sunny day in the mountains.


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