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How to Prepare for Ziplining in the Fall

fall ziplining over chicago creek

Over 30 years have passed and I still remember the awe-inspiring sense of excitement and terror that I had flying by myself for the first time. As a 6-year-old traveling home to visit my father for Christmas, I remember being dropped off at the airport by my mother. The airline agent took on the responsibility of taking me through security, which seemed like a whole new world that led to endless possibilities. I remember her taking me to my seat and making sure I was strapped in next to the window. Watching the initial take-off was frightening from my perspective, but once the plane settled, it was amazing to me that we were soaring through the sky in a way that my young mind couldn’t comprehend at the time. The feeling of soaring through the heavens is always something that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul. 

That same sense of wonderment of flying and experiencing something that seems impossible isn’t easy to come by. Ziplining at speeds up to 40MPH through trees high up the side of a 14,000-foot peak, however, gets you close. AVA Rafting & Zipline offers multiple zipline courses at different locations around the state, each one having unique special features. With summer turning into fall, here are some basic things to know about ziplining in autumn. 

the outside of AVA Rafting & Zipline's Buena Vista outpost

Getting to The Outpost 

It always seems to be construction time in Colorado, so you’ll want to check out your route well before you start heading up to the outpost. Many adventure companies are located off Colorado’s busy highways, which tend to get backed up with traffic, especially on weekends and holidays. Check out and stay up-to-date on I-70 road conditions for the most up to date traffic, construction and accident news in Colorado. This is the best way to make sure you are getting to the outpost with plenty of time to spare on the day of your ziplining adventure. 

Personal Items & Medications

If you have any medications like an EpiPen or inhaler, please make sure that you give them to the guides to carry in their personal dry bag in case of emergency. The general rule of thumb is if an item is important to you, leave it in your vehicle so there is not a risk of dropping and losing it. If you really want to bring something with you, make sure you have a zippered pocket to keep the item in while you are zipping through the trees. 

 The Cliffside Zipline course with snow

What to Wear for Fall Ziplining

Closed-toe shoes are a must when ziplining. An old pair of tennis shoes is perfect. It’s starting to get cool now in Colorado, so dressing in layers is always a good idea while keeping the elements in mind like wind and rain. This time of year, wearing pants would be preferable but if you choose to wear shorts, you want to make sure that they’re at least mid-thigh length, so you are still comfortable in the harness. For more information on what to wear and what to expect on your zipline tour click here.

The Cliffside Zipline course in the rain

Inclement Weather 

As previously mentioned, it is getting cooler now that fall is upon us. Inclement weather doesn’t automatically mean you won’t have a great time or that a trip is cancelled. If such things as high winds or lightning were to happen, zipline guides follow safety protocols which include waiting up to an hour to see if the weather will pass before cancelling a trip. Not only will you remain safe, but you may still go on your trip. 


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Jesse is a contributing member of our sales and marketing team. He is also a seasoned raft guide in Colorado with a lot of valuable experience on the water.


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