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Is Ziplining Safe?

Zipline Colorado

It’s a question we hear frequently – is ziplining safe? It’s important to be aware of the risks involved in every outdoor adventure, and ziplining is not without its risks. With that being said, your guide has undergone extensive training (6 days, to be exact) to ensure your safety. In addition to highly-trained guides, Colorado Zipline also only uses top-of-the-line equipment.

Zipline gear all ready to go!

Ziplining is an extreme sport and as such has particular risks that will always be associated with it. The cables are the same cables used to catch jet planes on aircraft carriers. All zipline cables are inspected each day before tours begin. A detailed inspection is completed weekly to maintain clean ziplines as well as safe connections. Extensive course inspections are done monthly to ensure the whole zipline area is up to excellent standards. Lastly, an annual inspection is done by a third party company to make sure all is as it should be.

Each trip will have two guides – one who zips first and one who zips last. Your guides will provide instruction for each line and get you clipped in and ready to go. Visitors are connected to the cables with safety lines at all times while on elevated platforms. Each rider is connected to the cable with two points of contact with safety lines, carabiners and pulleys. Gear and equipment are issued as no one can use their own equipment.

IMG_0223-1200So what can you do to enjoy a safe, exciting zipline trip? The answer is simple: listen to your guide. When you first arrive at our outpost and get checked in, your guide will take you to get geared up. They will explain the gear you will be using and how it should fit. For example, your helmet. You should make sure your helmet is secure to your head and doesn’t wobble on your head. Also, you should make sure your harness is tightened and ready to go. Once everyone is suited up, your guide will go through a safety talk.

Do you have any questions about the safety measures we take, or looking to book a zipline adventure? Give our Trip Specialists a call at 855-947-7464.


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