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5 Reasons You Should Book a Colorado Zipline Tour for Spring Break 2019

Cliffside Zipline Colorado

So, you are out here in the mountains to do some skiing and snowboarding for spring break, now that you’ve hit the slopes almost every day, what other activities could your group get into? Well spring break is an awesome time to go ziplining, it’s starting to get warmer out and a trip down a zipline is a great break from skiing and riding. Here are some great reasons why zipping during spring break is awesome.Colorado Zipline Tour

1. There are less crowds, which means more zip time. For those on spring break this is a great activity to achieve a well-rounded vacation with the family. For those that do not ski, this is a great outdoor alternative, and for those that do ski, it is great break from the hill.

2. The course is a 6-line zipline course overlooking the scenic Chicago Creek and Idaho Springs. Something that is really unique about the course is that all of the platforms are built into natural cliffs and treetops. This course also offers a “surf zip!”, bridge of doom (log cross), a jungle bridge (hanging bridge) and of course a 50-foot Cliffside free fall. For this zipline course there are a few requirements that must be met, before your adventure begins.

3. You get to visit a different town you wouldn’t think of visiting probably. Idaho Spring was where they first discovered gold in Colorado and still has that mining town feel today, with awesome historic buildings and museums. Plus, Idaho Springs is an awesome destination to visit. It is only 30 minutes from downtown Denver, so it is a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. For those that be a bit more adventurous but would still like to zipline, be sure to check out  The Via Ferrata is a combination of ladders, rungs, carved steps, and bridges to help moving you across and up a cliff face. This adventure is an assisted guided tour where you will clip into cables that run alongside of the cliff.

Colorado Via Ferrata

5. If you have never done anything like ziplining, the spring is the perfect time to give it a time. There are less lines, smaller groups going, and of course the fantastic view of Colorado Rockies. A zipline is a great way to help you conquer your fear of heights. These trips are going to be social trips done with friends and family to help you along your journey. You will also have an experienced guide with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. So, once you conquer one zipline you’ll be itching to do more!

With spring break almost around the corner, it is never too early to start checking out alternative activities other than just skiing and snowboarding, because everyone needs a break every once in a while. So, why not try ziplining as a different activity to do during spring break, with AVA there is a minimum age of 6 and a minimum of 40lbs and a maximum of 250lbs. Once those spring break plans have been made head on over to for videos and more information on the zipline.


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