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Skip the Lift Lines on Your Colorado Spring Break by Booking a Zipline Tour

Winter and Spring Ziplining

As the popularity of winter sports continues to grow, adventure companies are constantly striving to come up with new and different experiences for people to enjoy. Skiing and snowboarding create the most demand in the winter months but the price to ride and the required-skill can leave some folks looking for alternatives.

Even though ziplining is generally thought of as a summer time activity, many have recently begun seeking out the activity during the winter and spring break months. As ziplining gains popularity, we’ll see more operations offering the excursion and a longer time of year that they keep their lines running.

Lets go through some of the most popular zipline otur companies that operate during the winter! Most of these are located within an hour of each other, making it an easy day trip for fun and adventure. Check out this list and figure out which adventure you most want to try!

1.) Arkansas Valley Adventures

AVA's Idaho Springs - 2018 Best Adventure Park of the Rocky Mountains

AVA offers the most accessible zipline tours from the metro area. Just 30 minutes outside of Denver, AVA’s Idaho Springs location offers some of the best zipline tours in the state of Colorado. In Idaho Springs, you’ll find yourself high in the air zipping at incredible speeds past jaw dropping scenery. Voted the “2018 Best Adventure Park of the Rocky Mountains” by Elevation Outdoors, Arkansas Valley Adventures’ Idaho Springs outpost is a must for anyone looking for adventure in Colorado.

2.) Denver Adventures

Denver Adventures and Denver Zipilne Tours is where you can find the longest and fastest ziplines in the state of Colorado. Ranging from 850 to over 1,900 feet long, Denver Zipline Tours will have you soaring at a staggering 60mph at 250 feet above the ground below! These tours are offered year around and customers can choose between several different tour packages.

3.) Top of the Rockies Zip Line

Top of the Rockies is another fantastic option for winter ziplining in Colorado. Located near Leadville, Colorado, Top of the rockies allows guests to combine a zipline trip with other winter activities such as snowboard, skiing, or snowmobiling. These zipline adventures boast that it is the only zip line to fly over a running train, and claim that zipliners often find themselves getting incredible views of elk and other wild life down below.

4.) Adventures Out West

Located in Manitou Springs, CO. Adventures Out West is just minutes from Colorado Springs which makes it easily accessible for many at all times of the year. Adventures Out West offers zip courses built among the natural terrain. The courses feature ziplines ranging from 225 to 650 feet long all built into the steep cliffs and forest.

Winter Ziplining

5.) Crested Butte

Crested Butte Resort offers some fantastic skiing all winter long but the fun doesn’t need to stop there. They offer winter zipline tours all winter and its a good of a way as any to get your adrenaline-fix in. Their five ziplines range in length from 120 to 400 feet connected by tall wooden bridges and platforms. The tours can take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours and start at $63. Don’t forget your goggles and gloves to protect you from the brisk winter air as you soar down these incredible ziplines.

Regardless of where you choose to book your adventure you are sure to have a great time! Colorado has always been known for year-round outdoor fun. Now you can add spring and winter time ziplining to the list. Get online today and plan your trip to Colorado and book your zipline adventure today. If you love the thrill and adventure of ziplining and cannot wait until summer or you just want to try a new winter time adventure, check out ziplining!


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