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The Best Sweet Treat Spots After Zip-Lining

Sweet Treat Spots Colorado

There are few activities that will make you hungrier or crave sweets more than zip-Lining or whitewater rafting. Luckily our zip-line outposts are located in two of Colorado’s historic mountain towns which boast many options to satisfy that sweet tooth.

coffee-983935_1280Idaho Springs, a small town nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Clear Creek River, has a plethora of family owned shops and restaurants on age-old Colorado Boulevard. Swing into The Frothy Cup or Java Mountain Roasters for a cup of coffee and warm croissant. One of Idaho Springs’ most popular restaurants, Tommy Knockers Brewery, offers excellent pub-style food for the whole family. If sweet treats tickle your fancy you should give Minor Decadence Chocolate a try! ¬†They serve homemade chocolate and gelato with caramel, marshmallow, toffee, peanut butter and more, yum!

The AVA Granite outpost on the Arkansas River offers not only zip-lining but also whitewater rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding and more! After a fun filled day with us be sure to head over to Buena Vista, located approximately 9 miles from our Granite location for a cup of coffee, a meal or just a sweet treat. Buena Vista Roastery offers some of the best coffee in town. Not only do they roast their own coffee in-house, but they also offer specialty roasts like whiskey and beer barrel aged coffee beans. If you’re looking for a hardy meal after a day of adventuring with us, check out Spoon-it-Up or Eddyline. Spoon-it-up offers an array of soups, salads, sandwiches and pasta. Eddyline claims to have the best flat bread pizza around. So, whether you bring your family, friends, or significant other, both establishments boast rave reviews in menu and customer service. For those looking for something sweet be sure to visit Loback’s Bakery where they have fresh baked doughnuts surf zipand cakes daily!


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