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Things To Do in the Rockies Right Now

If you are heading out to the Rocky Mountains at this time of year, you may wonder what there is to do. Well, don’t you worry! There are endless amounts of activities to do and fun places to check out. Here are some things you can enjoy doing with friends and family to start the winter off right.

20140412Idaho_Springs_Zip_-_004Cliffside Zipline Tours: We are not in full winter mode just yet! There are still plenty of beautiful days on the weekend you can come enjoy Colorado Zipline’s Cliffside Zip Line Tour. They are running Friday-Sunday until the end of the month. If you and the family are looking for an activity on Thanksgiving, then you are in luck! This year Colorado Zipline is opening up tours the day before and the day of Thanksgiving. So, come enjoy this holiday with Colorado Zipline and experience 6 different ziplines, a 50 foot bungee freefall, a race zip and much much more!

Arapahoe Basin: If you just love winter and can’t wait another minute to get out on the slopes, then come hit up A-basin! It is one of the first mountains to open and some of the best snow so early in the season. The best thing about A-basin is you can bring friends and family and enjoy time riding, as well as grilling out and enjoying lunch right at the base of the mountain. So grab your winter gear and start heading to the slopes!

breckenridge-1676446_1280Breckenridge Ski Resort and Mountain Town: If you are coming out to Colorado in search for a real mountain town that offers almost everything you could imagine, then Breckenridge should be your destination. There are tons of delicious local restaurants and shops, a ski resort and views that are mind blowing. This is one of those vacation destination spots you will definitely want to add to your bucket list!

Strawberry Park Hot Springs: If you are looking for something to do before the resorts are open, make the trip out to Steamboat to take a dip into heaven! These pure natural, unique stone masonry pools will truly wow you! Spending the day soaking in relaxation can be followed by checking out the lively town of Steamboat. This is definitely an unforgettable experience!

Now that you are up to date with all the different things to check out at this time of year in the Rockies, leaves you no excuse but to go have fun. Enjoy!


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