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5 Reasons to Take the Plunge: Cliffside Zipline Free Fall

Colorado Zipline

The Free Fall is a unique feature of Colorado Zipline’s Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs, CO. Mixed within the six-line zipline, jungle bridge, surf zip, the Bridge of Doom and the race zip, the Free Fall is a 50-foot jump from the cliffside of Idaho Springs. Here are 5 reasons not to skip the Free Fall.

  1. Challenge YourselfIMG_9404-1200
    Even if you do not have a fear of heights, the Free Fall is still not an easy feat. It’s not just a small jump from stable ground; the Free Fall includes a walk down a wobbly bridge that feels like walking the plank. Once you get to the end of the bridge you have to allow your toes to hang over the edge before you take your leap. Did we mention there’s no sides or rail on the bridge?
  2. Adrenaline Rush
    The adrenaline rush that comes with the Free Fall makes the challenge worth it. Once you reach the bottom and look up at what you’ve just done, you’ll feel the same way.
  3. Get Over Your Fear
    Fear of heights can be a tough phobia that affects more than just the adventures you take. The Free Fall is a safe way to challenge that fear and begin to adjust to the heights life throws at you.
  4. Bucket List IMG_0122-1200
    If this isn’t a bucket list item, then I don’t know what is! Check out the Free Fall video and get this added to your bucket list. You won’t regret it!
  5. It’s Fun!
    Trust us, the Free Fall is not just a challenge; it’s fun too! From the moment your feet hit the bridge, to the moment your feet hit the mat 50 feet below, the entire Free Fall experience is memorable and fun!

Are you ready to take the plunge? The Free Fall of the Cliffside Zipline plunge, that is! If so, book your tour online or call our trip specialists to help you plan your adventure: 855-947-7464.


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