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What to Wear for your November Zip Line Adventure

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It’s the end of fall, winter is about to begin, and you are….what?! Ziplining in the Rockies!! That’s right! We may never stop zipping here in Idaho Springs, CO, where Colorado Zipline is still rocking down the Cliffside. Well, like I said, it’s near winter time, so below you’ll find a handy guide to staying cozy in the crisp, thin, mountain air. So, strap in and stay warm and you’ll have no excuses not to enjoy a winter adventure in the sky!

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Let’s start with the most important part, your noggin. Colorado Zipline supplies all your gear, including helmets, but you can still put on your favorite beanie, ear muffs or headband underneath comfortably. This will keep your head warm before the adrenaline heats you up naturally!

A hoodie or sweatshirt will keep you toasty and warm as you perch over the cliffside ready to descend into the wonderful Colorado sky. Long sleeves or any type of “dry fit” undershirt will suffice. Scarfs are not recommended so nothing gets in your way as you are zipping down one of our six stunning zip lines.

As for your hands, let’s keep those digits warm with a light pair of gloves; something thin if you want, but remember you will be wearing our utility gloves to help you brake and control your speed.

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You will be wearing a harness, so let’s make sure those LONG pants aren’t too tight. We suggest some loose-fitting work-out pants, or yoga pants would work. If you tend to get cold, you can wear some jeans and some long johns too. We do offer a Starlight tour also which begins at 4:0pm0 in the day and descends in to the darkness. Check it out if you want some real adventure!

Shoes and socks are important too. As far as socks, put those ski or wool socks on so you don’t get those feet cold. You will be doing some minimal hiking on the course. Sturdy shoes are a must; closed toe boots or tennis shoes will work, just make sure you have them nice and tight for the ride through the sky!

You are all dressed up and ready for the Prom!….er, zip line… but I promise now that your geared up and ready to rock you will enjoy this aerial adventure for the ages. Looking good and feeling good, have fun and Happy Zipping!


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