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Warm Weather Ziplines for Your Winter Blues

As winter and snow blanket Colorado, we turn our excitement to warmer areas of the world and ziplines that take us soaring across sunny skies. If you are looking to add a touch of adventure to your winter getaway wish list, explore some unique ziplining experiences across South America, Central America, and Australia. 

Amazon Tree Climbing and Ziplining – Manaus, Brazil 

EcoForest Adventure offers explorers the opportunity to glide through the lush canopy of the Amazon Rainforest, the air thick with the scent of exotic flora and the sounds of tropical birds. This immersive ziplining experience takes you directly into the heart of the Amazon, offering a unique perspective on one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. 

waterfall in Amazon rainforest

Other activities include: 

Kayaking: paddle down the Urubu River, with plenty of opportunities to get out and explore 

Tree Climbing: Climb to the top of a 30-foot Jatoba tree, with stunning views of the park and Amazon

Camping: Camp in a bungalow amidst the rain forest

Waterfall Rappelling: rappel down the face of a waterfall into the lush jungle. Read more about our favorite waterfall ziplines!

man rappelling down waterfall

Archery: Practice your skills on the park’s archery range, with opportunities for archers of all levels to have fun

Monteverde Cloud Forest – Monteverde, Costa Rica

Costa Rica, renowned for its commitment to environmental conservation, boasts the Selvatura Park Canopy Tour amidst the Monteverde Cloud Forest. This course includes 15 platforms and 13 cables across 2.2 miles of forest filled with diverse flora and fauna. Exciting features include a Tarzan Swing and Superhero zipline. 

Other activities include: 

Butterfly Garden: Home to more than 30 species, this butterfly garden fosters an environment for visitors to learn about these beautiful creatures

Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition: Terrariums replicate the habitat for lizards, frogs, and snakes and ensure they remain in natural conditions

sloth sitting in tree nibbling leaves

Sloth Sanctuary: Visitors can learn about this quiet, unique creature in an area that replicates their natural habitat

Treetop Suspension Bridges: Wander through the cloud forest across 1.9 miles and 8 bridges high above the ground

woman walking across treetop suspension bridge

Mindo Canopy Adventure – Mindo, Ecuador

Escape to the charming town of Mindo in Ecuador, where Mindo Canopy Adventure can be found in the Andean cloud forests. Mindo offers a thrilling high-speed zipline experience with the serene beauty of the Andean landscapes.  

Tour opportunities include: 

Canopy Tour: fly across 10 different ziplines through the forest 

Extreme Swing Tour: Swing through the jungle over 40 meters in length and 25 meters high

Man ziplining in Costa Rica

Mountain Cable Car: take the cable car to a waterfall sanctuary filled with trails and waterfalls 

Night Zipline: zip under the stars and through the illuminated forest 

Sky Bike: This unique adventure allows you to ride a bike across cables high above the trees

Treetop Adventures – Australia  

Treetop Adventures Australia is a leading ziplining company located in the stunning landscapes of Australia, renowned for its pristine rainforests and coastal beauty. This adventure offers locations throughout Australia, each with unique features and courses.

Treetop Adventures Australia hosts a diverse range of ziplining tours, featuring courses that traverse ancient rainforests and coastal cliffs. With a strong emphasis on safety and environmental conservation, their tours blend high-adrenaline experiences with a deep appreciation for the unique ecosystems they explore.

woman sitting on edge of ledge above forest

Adventures include: 

Zipcoaster: A unique combination zipline and roller coaster experience 

Tree Ropes Courses: These courses take you up and through the trees and across obstacles that will test physical and mental strength

Zipline tours: a more traditional zipline through the Australian forests 

man swinging on zipline course through jungle

Segway tour: This off-road Segway experience takes you down dirt trails through the Australian landscape

Infants, Kids, and Juniors specialty tours 

Sky Adventures Arenal Park – La Fortuna, Costa Rica 

Costa Rica’s Arenal region is a hotbed of adventure nestled between the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal. A ziplining journey at Sky Adventures Arenal Park promises not only the rush of adrenaline but also panoramic views of the majestic volcano and the surrounding lake. The mild Costa Rican winter ensures a pleasant climate for your ziplining adventure in this beautiful region.

arenal volcano costa rica

Adventures include: 

Ziplining: Begin with a tram ride to reach the start of the 7 line zipline course offering views of the Arenal Lake and “Hand of Arenal” sculpture

Hanging Bridges: Walk 4km through the jungle on raised bridges amidst the area’s stunning flora

hanging bridge through forest

Aerial Tram: Take the tram to an observation deck, experiencing breathtaking and panoramic views throughout

Calico Jack’s Zipline Canopy Tour – Cayo District, Belize 

Belize, with its pristine jungles and Caribbean coastline, offers ziplining experience that offers unique adventure amidst tropical landscapes. At Calico Jack’s Village, visitors can glide through the jungle canopy, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Belize’s diverse wildlife.  

Mayan ruins Belize

Adventures include: 

Ziplining: includes multiple zipline courses, with opportunities for beginners through advanced zipliners

Cave tours: Explore Belize and its large cave and trail system, with history dating back to the Maya 

Cave in Belize

Mayan Sites tours: Learn about Belize’s rich history and explore ancient Mayan relics and sites – all in beautiful locations

Whether you’re planning a trip and looking for additional adventure or simply trying to fantasize away the winter blues, these warm weather areas offer ample opportunities for daydreaming. Explore the vibrant landscapes of South America, Central America, and Australia, flying on these exciting zipline courses alongside other outdoor adventure opportunities. And as soon as the snow stops falling, we can’t wait to welcome you to our very own Colorado ziplines! And if you, like us, are staying in Colorado this winter, check out our top winter activies near Denver this season.


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