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What to Wear Ziplining And Be Comfortable

Colorado Zipline

Whether you are going ziplining with Colorado Zipline at our Mountain Top course in Granite or our Cliffside course outside of Idaho Springs general questions come up while planning your aerial adventure. Questions about the experience are frequent but logistical questions sometimes get overlooked. One of these questions that we hear frequently sounds trivial but is very important. That questions is: What do I need to wear to be comfortable while ziplining and we have some great answers for you below!

When you choose to come ziplining with us, we have a couple of clothing requirements. The first is required footwear for your aerial adventure and that is closed toe, attached shoes. Please do not show up with flip flops, sandals, or Crocs. If you show up with improper shoes you will not be allowed on the ropes course. We don’t want you to stub or splinter your toes and we know you would not like for that to happen either. The second thing is comfortable clothes and equipment. Outside of clothing we provide the gear necessary for your aerial adventure. The gear we provide is a helmet for head protection and a harness to support you.

k zip birthday shotbAs far as clothes go, remember you will be wearing a snug harness making your pants ride up, so we recommend longer shorts or pants. Jeans can be snug but work most of the time and yoga or stretch pants can be very comfortable! Even though you will be ziplining with AVA during the spring and summer months, the weather in Colorado is always inconsistent and very unpredictable. This means it can be 90 degrees and a front can come in making windy, chilly weather conditions. Wearing layers is always a good idea while in Colorado due to the nature of the weather. This gives you the option to shed a layer if it’s hot and add a layer in case that unexpected cool weather decides to settle in.

So the overall lesson as far as dressing for zipline is to dress comfortably, wear proper shoes and have fun on the course! If you abide by the guidelines above you will be able to comfortably enjoy your aerial experience with us at Colorado Zipline!



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