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What to Wear Ziplining And Be Comfortable

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Whether you are ziplining with Colorado Zipline at our Buena Vista outpost’s Mountaintop Zipline course, or flying across our Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs, you are bound to have questions when planning your aerial adventure.

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You’ve got your itinerary scheduled, you’ve packed your belongings, and you’re ready to zip through beautiful Colorado, but you may still be wondering, what do I wear? What should I bring with me?

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At Colorado Zipline, we provide a helmet, harnesses, gloves, and all necessary gear for you to have a fun and safe adventure. Your guides will help you put on your gear and check to make sure it is secured properly!

We have compiled a couple of additional clothing requirements to keep you safe and comfortable on our Zipline courses. When it comes to clothing and dressing for your zipline adventure, it is important that you stay comfortable and protected.

1.Secure Footwear

Please wear close-toed shoes that will stay securely on your feet! Do not show up with flip-flops, sandals, or Crocs. This ensures that your shoes will remain on your feet during the entire course and will not also be flying through the trees! Our courses also require a short hike between ziplines, and we do not want you to stub your toes or experience a splinter, as this can be painful.

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2. Comfortable Clothing

As far as clothes go, remember that you will be wearing a snug harness that will be tight around your pants and wrap around your legs and waist, so we recommend pants or shorts longer than knee length. Shorter shorts may ride up when you’re cruising through the trees.

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Jeans can be snug but prove uncomfortable if sweaty, so we recommend leggings, joggers, or moisture wicking long pants of another style.

For shirts, either short sleeves or long sleeves are find, but please ensure you protect your exposed skin against the sun with sunscreen!

Please additionally leave all jewelry at home, as well as scarves, or any other pieces of clothing that could interfere with your harness and cable system. We also ask guests to tie back long hair so it does not interfere with their zipline adventure.

3. All Weather Options

Even though you will be ziplining with Colorado Zipline during the spring, summer, and fall months, the weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, especially in the mountains. This means it can be 90 degrees and a front can come in making windy, chilly weather conditions.

Wearing layers is always a good idea, giving you the option to shed a layer if it is hot and add a layer in case unexpected cool weather decides to settle in. We also recommend packing a raincoat in case of storms!

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4. A Small Backpack

You may wear a small backpack on our courses allowing you to pack sunscreen and a small water bottle. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with the harness system; your guide can also help you with this! Please leave phones, wallets, and other valuable locked in your car to avoid losing anything.

Zipping Through the Seasons


Spring is the beginning of ziplining season, and we can’t wait to get out there no matter the weather! We suggest wearing layers,  as well as packing a raincoat, as spring weather can prove sunny and warm or rainy and chilly.


We recommend long shorts and a short sleeved short for your zipline adventure. The weather will likely be warm, perhaps there will be a breeze flowing through your hair, and you will be flying high through the trees, with the sun shining bright.

You may sweat more in the summer, so make sure you wear bottoms and a top that will wick your sweat away and keep you cool. Summer storms are no joke; however, so remember to pack a raincoat!

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Fall can be a cooler season for ziplining, and you may want to wear pants instead of shorts. You may additionally want to wear a long sleeve or a sweatshirt. Despite cooler temperatures, fall can bring some of the best zipline experiences in Colorado, as you fly high through the beautiful Colorado trees, experiencing the changing colors up close.

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We hope you feel more prepared for your ziplining adventure and are ready to zip through the trees! Most importantly, dress comfortably, wear proper shoes, and have fun on the course. We can’t wait to see you on our Mountaintop or Cliffside Zipline courses!


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