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Zip & Sip: Take a Brewery Tour After You Zipline

Colorado Zipline

IS History The town of Idaho Springs is full of rich history and has adventure waiting around  every corner. Idaho Springs is not only home to one of our outposts, but also the  famous TommyKnocker Brewery. For a full day of fun the Zip and Sip Tour combines  ziplining with a tour of the brewery.

 Ziplining is a thrilling and exciting way to experience the beauty and adventure  Colorado has to offer! You will be soaring from one side of a cliff to another and will  have awesome views of the town of Idaho Springs. Start your morning off by  reporting to our outpost and  getting geared up for your zipline tour. Before your trip  your guide will give you a  little bit of history on the town and surrounding areas, as  Idaho Springs has quite the history! After, we will take you on our course with 6 zip  lines, plus some additional features, such as our jungle bridge and “bridge of doom.”


After spending a couple of hours with our guides and new found friends, you can unwind and head over to the Tommyknocker Brewery in downtown Idaho Springs. This tour is for beer and food lovers. Immerse yourself in the one hour tour of Tommyknocker Brewery where you can see how the famous mountain brews are produced, packaged, and if you are nice to your tour guide they will even let you taste some! People of all ages are welcome on the tour but you must be 21 years or older to partake in sampling. After your tour you can take sit with family and friends and enjoy a nice meal in the Restaurant of the Brewery. They have everything from gourmet burgers, appetizers, to fish tacos, there is truly something for everyone.


With delicious food and hand crafted beer, TommyKnocker is a must stop destination when  driving through Idaho Springs, but what better way to enjoy it after looking over the entire town  on our cliffside zipline?! Whether you are coming on a family trip, have a friend in town on  vacation, or are just  looking for a day of fun, our Zip and Sip Tour is a great option for some  adventure and entertainment!



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