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Zip and Ski For an Action Packed Day

Winter Zipline Colorado

images (11)Have you ever finished a day of skiing and wanted to do something other than the normal Apres Ski?  Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Take off your ski or snowboard boots and throw on your tennis shoes.  Meet us in Idaho Springs for some Zip Line fun! Only an average of about 45-60 minutes from most centrally located ski resorts, it is almost too convenient to pass up.

Our zip line course offers 6 different thrilling zips located alongside amazing mountain cliffs.  From short and fast to long and relaxing, this is sure to be a trip to meet anyone’s adrenaline needs. Check out all of the great feedback on our course, here. Our zip line guides deliver you to the top of our course via our brand new zip truck and then there’s a short hike until you reach our zip line course, which, conveniently ends at the back of our outpost.

Thats not all! We have recently given our zip line course a complete makeover and are offering various options to increase the thrill and fun of our already awesome course. Read about our new additions below!  Keep in mind you can opt out of any of these new aspects of our zip trip so you don’t need to feel pressured to do them all!

surf zip

Free Fall – Yes, it is exactly what you think.  Start your zip line adventure with a 65’ free fall! This is bound to get your adrenaline pumping.  If you have even the slightest case of basiphobia, this is a sure way to face or tame that fear.

Swinging Log Bridge – A series of hanging log planks that you have to cross to get to the next section of the zip line.

Surf Zip – A moveable platform that is connected to the zip lines that allows you to literally surf to the next zip platform.

Jungle Swing – Swing yourself into a large rope net and test your climbing skills.  If you manage to climb up the net, you will reach our next challenge.

Pivot Log Cross – A series of logs that spin and move back and forth making it a quite a bit more challenging than our swinging log bridge.  20140412Idaho Springs Zip - 016

Race Zip – At zip line #5, we have added an extra parallel line which allows you to race someone to our zipline #6.  It is sure to bring out your competitive side!


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