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Explore the Arkansas Valley with AVA – we’ll make it easy!  We’ll cover the details, and you can have all the fun with our whitewater rafting, ziplining, and camping packages.  Your first day of rafting will cover some iconic sections of the Arkansas River.  Once you set up your tent at our campsite, let us make you a delicious dinner before you fall asleep to the sound of the nearby creek.  Wake up to a hot breakfast the next morning, then explore our Mountaintop Zipline on 44-acres.  This 7-line course will give you sweeping views of the Colorado Rockies and give you an adventure to remember.



Let AVA take care of all the logistics and meals, so you and your group can fully enjoy the world class whitewater rapids and mountaintop zipline tour with no worries.  Our campground is located right behind our Buena Vista outpost, so you can wake up the next morning and get ready to explore the Arkansas Valley.


Breathe in everything Colorado’s outdoors have to offer with our rafting + zipline + camping packages.  You’ll get to sleep under the stars for a true mountain experience, navigate some notorious river runs, and venture through the treetops above the Arkansas Valley… what could be better?


These packages are located at our Buena Vista outpost.

Meals: Our camping packages include three meals. We’ll whip up a hot chicken fajita lunch for the crew during your first day between whitewater runs. Dinner will be provided at the outpost after returning from the river. A hot breakfast awaits you in the morning prior to your zipline tour.
Campsite: Just steps away from where you’ll check in for your adventure is our campground.  Each site is equipped with a fire pit, picnic table, and a sandy space for one large tent or two small tents. Bring your own camping equipment, or rent some from AVA before your trip begins.


Whitewater Rafting: There are three different sections of whitewater on the Arkansas River that provide all levels of fun. Families with children and those seeking moderate whitewater will love the Browns Canyon Sizzler, which has a minimum age of 7 and minimum weight of 50 lbs. Adults looking for a little more adventure can opt for the Numbers/ Narrows full day with a minimum age of 15 and good physical fitness recommended. Diehard thrill seekers can take on the Gauntlet, for a high-intensity experience that’s appropriate for experienced paddlers with good physical fitness (minimum age 15).

Mountaintop Zipline tours: Fly down 7 different ziplines for almost 4,000 feet of treetop fun. You’ll also take on a variety of other heart-pounding features, including a log bridge and a hanging staircase. A 10 minute hike starts out the tour, which lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. Minimum age 6. Minimum weight 50 lbs.

  • Browns Canyon Sizzler + Zipline 2 Day Package

  • Full Day Raft, Dinner, Camping Zipline
    Intermediate Class III

    From $228 adult, $208 child 7-12 (zipline min age 7 & 50 lbs)
    Check in: 9:30 am
    Buena Vista Outpost: See Map

    You’ll start your day on the whitewater with our Browns Canyon Sizzler, dubbed one of America’s favorite stretches of whitewater.  After you’ve navigated some rapids, enjoy a chicken fajita lunch along the riverside before you jump in the water again.  Spend the night at our AVA campground after enjoying a dinner provided by us, and wake up to a hot breakfast before taking on our Mountaintop Zipline tour.  Set on our 44-acre Gold Camp property, this 7-line course will give you incredible views of the Arkansas Valley.

  • 24 Hours in Browns Canyon Deluxe

  • Overnight Rafting Trip, zipline
    From $373 adult, $333 child 7-12 (zipline min age 7 & 50 lbs)
    Buena Vista Outpost: See Map

    Soar through the tree tops above the Arkansas River on this packaged deal!  Our Mountaintop Zipline sits on 44-acres of beautiful Rocky Mountains, and you’ll reach speeds up to 30 mph on this thrilling tour.  You’ll get a short break for lunch before heading to the river for a Browns Canyon run.  These Class III rapids are some of the most popular in the country, and with breathtaking views of the canyon and some pulse racing rapids, you can’t go wrong.  Let us make you dinner after an day of adventure, then get some rest under Colorado’s starry sky before running the rest of the river in the morning.

  • The Numbers/Narrows Full Day + Zipline 2 Day Camping Package

  • Full day raft, zipline
    From $240 adult, 15+ on the raft trip
    Check in: 8:30 am
    Buena Vista Outpost: See Map

    With this combo, you’ll have your day booked of non-stop Class III/IV rapids known as the Numbers and Narrows.  Steep drops and continuous obstacles will keep you on your toes, and a hot chicken fajita lunch on the riverside will properly refuel you before you finish your river run.  Return to the outpost for dinner and catch some much needed Zzz’s at our campground before your zipline tour the next morning.  After some coffee, you’ll venture along the mountaintops above the Arkansas Valley on our 7-line zipline course.
    Not currently available.

  • The Gauntlet & Zipline 2 Day Camping Package

  • Full day raft, zipline
    From $240 adult, 15+ on the raft trip
    Check in: 8:30 am
    Buena Vista Outpost: See Map

    For the thrill-seekers, check out our Gauntlet + Zipline 2 Day Camping package.  Class V rapids await you on the Pine Creek section of the Arkansas River and a 7-line zip course among the treetops.  You’ll start your whitewater rafting off floating through the beautiful Granite Gorge.  Catch your breath here, because you won’t be able to the rest of your trip.  Just around the corner is your first rapid which will drop 200 feet as the river narrows to half its width.  Advanced rapids are in store for you all day, and you’ll take a  lunch break to chow down on some chicken fajitas between runs.  Dinner is included back at our outpost that evening, and you’ll get some much needed sleep at our campground before waking up to a hot breakfast and taking on our Mountaintop Zipline.