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3 Quick Tips About Exploring Colorado

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While it is not the largest state, Colorado is not short of beautiful sights to see. With stunning peaks, raging rivers, and pristine wildlife, it can be hard to know where to start when adventuring in this great state. Fortunately for you, we have come with these 3 quick tips about exploring Colorado to help you in your ventures!

  1. Know what activities are available when you visit. Colorado has all  four seasons, but some are longer than others. For instance, if looking to go rafting, make sure you come once the snow has all melted. As all the rivers in Colorado are snowmelt dependent we have to wait for ski season to end in late April before we can start rafting.
  2. Plan your activities. Colorado has a lot to offer. To make the most out of your stay plan your activities ahead of time. Maybe one day you will zipline and see Colorado from new heights and the next you will take a horseback ride through some of the highest 14ers in the state. Whatever your activity of choice make sure you book in advance for dates and times of your choice!
  3. Colorado has practically every type of terrain imaginable. From desert landscape, heavily wooded pines, open aspen fields, and high alpine peaks Colorado has it all. If looking to partake in particular activities you will want to do your research and see what is available in that area prior to picking a destination.

When visiting Colorado, especially for your first time, it can be overwhelming as there are so many beautiful locations and places of interest to visit. However, having a plan going into your vacation is extremely helpful. Knowing what activities and what type of vacation you and your family are looking for will help you greatly in your trip planning. Join us at Colorado Zipline as we explore our amazing state this summer.


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