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Why Ziplining Makes the Perfect Birthday Party for Kids

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When looking for something fun to do for a child’s birthday party, ziplining is an exciting and unique way to celebrate. Colorado is full of options and locations to participate in this extraordinary experience. If choosing to zip with AVA Rafting & Zipline, there are two different great locations you can head to. Idaho Springs is just thirty minutes outside of Denver, providing a quick trip up for a shorter time commitment to zip. Down at the Buena Vista outpost, zippers will receive the full mountain emersion experience. If need be, camping and cabins are available at the outpost providing a convenient place for the party goers to stay overnight.  Here are 5 great reasons why ziplining will make the perfect birthday party for your child this year!

Perfect Way to Bond

Kids and their friends will love the bonding experience that comes with zipping. High heights and thrilling features provide a challenge that will result in stories to last a lifetime. What’s more fun that watching your friend glide through the mountains while anticipating the trip yourself? Pumping each other up for the thrilling experience of zipping allows for kids to enjoy their Colorado experience together.

A Unique Party

For so many elementary age kids, they have all gone to the same old pizza party, this will be an experience that will be completely different and new, but eating pizza can be a piece of the party too. With great locations such as Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs and Elkhorn Pizza in Buena Vista, incorporating a traditional, kids’ favorite pizza lunch into an untraditional birthday party is easy and convenient.

Zipline with Kids Colorado

Everyone Can Join!

Oftentimes the parents or younger siblings of the birthday boy or girl find themselves with nothing to do during the party, but ziplining is fun for all ages. Not very often are parents able to join the fun with the kids, not just supervise. Imagine the fun for a nine year old that get to watch his mom squealing down the scenic zipline while encouraging their six year old sister to zip along after them, all the while enjoying the company of their friends.

Get Outside

Many birthday parties happen indoors such as bowling, a movie or roller skating, ziplining truly provides for an unforgettable outdoor experience. After spending all year in school, kids are excited to get outdoors and what better place to do it than at a summer birthday party in the mountains in Colorado? Nothing beats getting rid of cooped up energy like working through a series of high-flying cords on a zipline all while taking in the natural, mountainous beauty that is all around.

When deciding where to book a rafting birthday party, AVA provides even more of an exciting experience. In addition to the seven zip lines on the Buena Vista Mountaintop Course and the six zips on the Idaho Springs Cliffside Zip Course, both AVA courses include fun extra features such as a 50 feet free fall, a race zip, a surf zip and a jungle bridge. Make all the kids smile from ear to ear and plan a party for this May!  If you book for this month, you can take advantage of 20% off your trip using the promo code 20MAYTRIPS.


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